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The cable tv guy’s ways: professional saying to operate for Time Warner Cable is definitely informing all on Reddit

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The cable tv guy’s ways: professional saying to operate for Time Warner Cable is definitely informing all on Reddit

People claiming as a period of time Warner line professional try spilling strategy on Reddit.

Hours Warner Cable, the second-largest company of TV set and websites in the us, explained crystal that it’s exploring the postings. “We’re incapable of examine if this people is really a present or original staff member,” a spokesman believed.

Reddit owner cableguy_the moving an “Ask me personally something” (AMA) line, thread images of their identification document logo and uniform as proposed proof of their job. His own answers to the concerns coming in are really honest. Here are some parts (typos safeguarded).

On Comcast’s pending acquisition of Time Warner Cable:

We desire the merger since the newest cluster responsible will be the evil in recent background. Many people acquiring shot because not possible measurements. Most of the energy has-been given to customer support repetitions and stripped-down from individuals that in fact browse the housing and fix problems . It’s a mess plus the providers has been owned like crap IMHO [in our humble thoughts].

Of the pressure between experts and customer service interpreter:

Yea customer support representatives and specialists are generally preventing a war that no person sees. We hate all of them, the two detest north america. They determine buyers the problem is the equipment when it almost never is actually. We inform clientele to merely dismiss what is the man to the mobile states because the chances are great, he’s never bound a property, strung a drop or solved line.

On what’s truly incorrect with all your link:

Don’t believe 50per cent of what the associate regarding contact shows you. Only set up the computer. Get him get the job done. He’s done this in the past. The rep merely suggestions phone go to my site. It’s almost NEVER the equipment leading to the matter.

Throughout the formula for you to get better facilitate:

Once a computer arrives ,ask for his own supervisors wide variety. Simply tell him it isn’t to burn him or her but to intensify a concern. He might contact his sup to ensure their fantastic but that can help.

On what’s stopping a lot faster online obtain rates:

Actually, basic analogue cable. It takes upward sooo a great deal of data transfer . 1 route per consistency vs connecting many wavelengths to produce 8 programs for a downstream and 4 for an upstream . Once we go 100% electronic tv.. Web will have more quickly. Also congestion. If you reside around a college it’s survival in an uncertain future . Grandmother would use her 15 meg for email and surfing but youthful Johnny institution kid stinks down the data transfer in your community utilizing netflix and torrenting and games. But these people pay identically. IMHO what can mend this is often capping info and giving anyone uncapped increase.

On why splitting their cable connection is actually an awful idea:

Installing a splitter to merely attenuate the alert is actually dumb you have action known as attenuators that do this without putting unnecessary splitter. But it’s factual that excess alert is simply as awful as lack of we refer to as that distortion

On whether this Reddit AMA will set you back him or her his own job:

I might get fired dependant upon that grabs me personally. I would go for an extra their so difficult to share with aided by the form this business is presently built.

Regarding how Wi-Fi signal happen to be untrustworthy, and certainly will end up being vanquished by doorways and wall space:

Certainly best shown. Plaster structure specifically.Solid timber gates, being in a basements whenever router belongs to the second carpet or the other way round. Wi-fi is a fickle beast.

Individual “broken” line modem:

Yea I notice this plenty. I would talk about in confirmed spring I might declare 5per cent of modems I changed were actually bad. You does lots of pet and pony program and just exchange it anyhow. The issue is almost always not products relating. Modems either succeed or these people dont. There does exist extremely tiny among. They are rather easy units. We have show subscribers utilizing my personal laptop computer every single thing employed okay, consequently alter returning to their own equipment and each and every thing would go to shit. These people still require a unique modem..Its insanity.

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